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Egyptian cottons for knitting

Adriafil, supplier of crochet and knitting Egyptian cotton

Adriafil is proud of its Egyptian cotton yarns. The company, as a leading wholesale yarn supplier, selects only fine Egyptian cotton for its knitting and crochet products.

Behind every ball of Egyptian cotton by Adriafil, there’s an expert selection and processing of the raw material, made only at trusted Italian facilities to guarantee a fine final product.

Here’s a wide range of Egyptian cotton yarns, different in colorand weight. Every product complies with the highest quality standards, strength and structure: one more reason to rely on Adriafil yarns!

Adriafil Egyptian cotton yarns, everything you need to know

Why does Adriafil choose only Egyptian cotton? Because it is the only cotton that best meets knitting enthusiasts' needs. Adriafil's Egyptian cotton yarns are popular among experienced or amateur knitters.

Moreover, in Adriafil's wholesale yarn catalog, several models of Egyptian cotton crochet yarns are also available, with their incredible quality and excellent versatility of this natural fiber.

What is Egyptian cotton

<b>Egyptian cotton</b> is a beautifully crafted cotton that has been synonymous with luxury and excellence since the nineteenth century. Appreciated and renowned for its characteristics worldwide, it owes its name to the uniqueness of the plantations, which grow only in the Nile River area of Egypt.

The main feature of Egyptian cotton is the so-called "long fiber," which gives the yarns an incredible luster, combined with a soft hand and excellent strength.

The cotton mercerization made by Adriafil gives the fiber an even brighter, almost silk-like appearance. Is also improves its elasticity, tensile strength and ability to absorb color.

The scrupulous selection of the best Giza long staple cotton fibers and the quality tests conducted by Adriafil experts guarantee knitting and crochet enthusiasts a Egyptian cotton yarnhigh quality.

The next mercerization of cotton practiced by Adriafil gives the fiber an even brighter appearance, almost similar to silk, also enhancing the twist of the yarn, the elasticity, the tensile strength and the ability to absorb color in a uniform and long-lasting way.

The characteristics of Egyptian cotton yarns

Pure egyptian cotton is a unique yarn for strength and resistance, perfect for creating sublime knitting.

This fiber hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties make it the number-one choice for all-season garment yarn. It will absorb moisture and make the body's natural perspiration easier.

The fiber premium characteristics are not limited to this: each ball of Adriafil Egyptian cotton is in fact extremely weather resistant. Machine washable up to 60°, it does not lint and improves its fibers wash after wash, indeed.

Choose the Egyptian cotton balls from Adriafil

Adriafil's yarn wholesale catalog provides one of the most extensive collections of Egyptian cotton for crochet and knitting of all sizes.

Thanks to this wide selection, the knitting stores will be able to offer their customers the best quality cotton yarns, with a color palette suitable for the whole family. The catalog is updated annually according to the latest fashion trends, including basic nuances and bolder hues. Fashion trends are combined with the unique performance of cotton fiber for full-bodied, durable and structured knitting.

Adriafil Egyptian cotton yarns also stand out for their price, which is affordable despite the fiber's high level of quality. The colorfastness is also excellent. Colors are bright and vibrant even after multiple uses and machine washing.