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Crochet and embroidery yarns

The Adriafil Italian yarn wholesale catalog would not be complete without the selection of crochet and embroidery threads.

It is a diverse and colorful proposal of the best crochet yarns, designed to supply haberdashers and specialized stores with everything needed to satisfy lovers of embroidery and, crochet and filet work.

Who is looking for a embroidery thread lace, crochet details and accessories will once again be able to count on all the Adriafil quality!

Crochet yarn

The range of crochet and embroidery yarns of Adriafil ranges between different proposals wires from crochet.

From Doppio Ritorto yarn to Uno A Ritorto one, passing through lines specially designed to offer the best performance and the top result, Adriafil proposal aims to provide the widest choice of yarns for crochet work. Thus, enthusiasts can find suitable crochet yarn for their creations!

The best crochet yarn

Adriafil crochet yarn is made from pure Egyptian cotton, the finest raw material for making cotton yarns. The result is a robust and long-lasting product ideal for accessories and knitting garments, all seasons as well.

I Egyptian cotton crochet threads offer brilliant and always shiny colours, even after washing in the washing machine: the mercerisation process followed by Adriafil allows each individual crochet yarn maximum resistance in terms of wear and color retention.

I embroidery and crochet threads they are available in different proposals, including the famous one fillets doppio ritorto, elaborated with a specific twist designed to obtain the best results with crochet and filet work.

However, there is no shortage of other quality products, such as the Faraone line or the Uno A Ritorto yarn range. And everything is available in lots of trending colors, following the latest trends!

Embroidery yarns: the N.1 choice is Adriafil

All haberdashers interested in selling cotton yarns for crochet and embroidery can become Adriafil dealers!

Doing so means relying on a leading company in the industry, beloved by crochet, embroidery, and <b>knitting</b> lovers for more than 100 years.

The credit for this supremacy lies in the selection of the best quality fibers and the continuous testing process on the finished product, thanks to which Adriafilis able to enhance and make the most of the intrinsic properties of valuable raw materials, such as Egyptian cotton in its crochet and embroidery yarns.

Do you want to offer your customers the full guarantee of crochet threads of Adriafil? Contact us to become our reseller!