Sierra Andina

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Adriafil has always believed in the importance of a careful selection of raw materials; for this reason our knitted yarn in pure extra-fine alpaca it is among the most famous and sought after in the world.

The shearing of Adriafil alpaca fiber is a precious ritual with an ancient heritage that is done once a year, in spring and is fundamental for the animal's well-being.
This fiber is exceptionally thermal: if the shearing was not done in spring, the animal would suffer and the quality of the fleece would also suffer.

The Adriafil quality alpaca fiber is carefully selected by our on-site experts in certified and eco-sustainable farms.

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It is completely hollow (unlike wool), which is why the yarn Sierra Andina in pure extra-fine alpaca it is even warmer than wool!

We also talk about the many advantages of the precious alpaca fiber: in addition to being very hot, it is also breathable and thermoregulatory.
It does not contain lanolin and is therefore hypoallergenic: the perfect alternativa for those allergic to sheep's wool!
The pure Adriafil alpaca does not pinch the skin; beware of those who offer you a cheap alpaca fiber, the result will be seen immediately on your skin.

Alpaca wool can take on 22 different natural colors: the range of natural melange colors of the yarn Sierra Andina has no equal.



Weight :50 g

01 Black, 02 White, 10 Pink, 11 Lilac, 12 Dark Pink, 13 Aqua Green, 15 Bottle, 16 Coral, 19 Petroleum, 20 Grape, 21 Bordeaux, 23 Blue, 24 Jeans, 26 Mustard, 28 Cherry, 30 Cream, 31 Light Beige, 32? Cru, 33 Brown Melange, 35 Light Gray Melange, 36 Lawn, 37 Orange, 38 Red, 39 Turquoise, 40 Denim, 41 Nude, 86 Brown, 87 Light Gray, 88 Medium Gray, 89 Anthracite, 91 Gray Blue, 92 Pink, 93 Blue, 95 Moss, 96 Violet, 97 Red, 98 Green, 99 Beige

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