Lana Naturale Inca

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Peru is the natural habitat of the alpaca and it is precisely here that it is born Lana Naturale Inca, our highest quality merino wool and alpaca blend.

All the millennial knowledge of alpaca breeding techniques, accurate shearing practices and Adriafil's centenary experience in selecting the best fibers are contained in a single ball of yarn.

The encounter between merino wool and extrafine alpaca gives life to a ecological yarn in completely natural shades.

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With its 100 meters by 50 grams it adapts perfectly to knitwear and thanks to the extraordinary fineness and strength of the fibers that make it up does not pinch and does not pilling.

Its color palette is unmistakable and takes inspiration from the color of the coat and the earth where the alpacas live: the natural solid colors and the moulinè with melange effect they give uniqueness and allow the garments to acquire a charm typical of the rural territories of Peru.

Not only that, it is also machine washable, added value that makes it even more unique.



Weight :50 g

61 Beige, 62 Cream, 66 Moulin?, 70 Moulin?, 72 Moulin?, 73 Moulin?, 75 Moulin?, 77 Brown, 78 Anthracite, 79 Medium Grey, 80 Light Gray

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