Are you a knitter?

The sale of Adriafil knitting yarns is carried out through a dense network of yarn shops: about 1500 points of sale in Italy and thousands all over the world!

In respect of the work of our business partners, Adriafil has chosen not to carry out retail sales in areas where the brand is well represented.

Adriafil supports the work of its retailers by profiling the requests of end consumers and directly indicating them the local shop where to buy the yarn they are looking for.

Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing our knitting yarns or in knowing the store closest to you, fill in the request below and you will receive information quickly.

Our knitting pattern magazines are always available online HERE

The instruction sheets can always be purchased online HERE

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57 reviews on Google
Maria Luisa Boco
Maria Luisa Boco
Truly wonderful yarns, wonderful colors and above all anything you want to create finds correspondence in the vast choice of products ... I have made many garments from sweaters - both for me and for my family - to jackets and coats and even summer sweaters .. .best quality!!!
Maria Rosaria DiCostanzo
Maria Rosaria DiCostanzo
I used yarn tintarella to make a shawl.The yarn is amazing, you get the desire to work.
vincenzo lionti
vincenzo lionti
Yarns and colors of excellent quality and above all MADE IN ITALY

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